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Media Storm is an interactive advertising agency known for creating memorable campaigns for major TV networks. With this renovation, Media Storm’s vision was to create an environment that fosters inspiration and feels like home, rather than a traditional work setting. Media Storm sought to create an open, studio-like workspace with no visible hierarchy. The resulting renovation prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality. The bright and airy studio space is anchored by a single, continuous folding work surface, which contributes to the overall openness of the space and encourages collaboration among employees. There are a variety of meeting spaces, each with its own unique character. Vintage TV sets anchor the front lobby, paying homage to the agency's history in the entertainment industry. The break room, designed to look like an old-world cafe, provides a cozy and inviting space for employees to relax and recharge. The conference room features an artist-installed rope ceiling, adding a touch of whimsy to the space. Sustainable principles are employed throughout, including retention of existing interior infrastructure and architecture, use of salvaged furniture and artifacts, and installation of recycled, reclaimed, or environmentally friendly finishes, fixtures, and lighting.

Completed with DHD Architecture and Design
Role: Architectural Project Lead
Photography: Björg Magnea

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