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A New York-based architect, Jill Diamant specializes in high-end, residential renovations with a focus on sustainable design. Jill believes that every space is a dialogue between people, place, and planet. Jill’s designs combine the everyday needs of her clients with inspiring narrative-driven creative elements. The results are unique and liveable spaces that reflect her clients’ lifestyles and aspirations. 


Jill’s approach to design is polished and modern, but also flexible: She customizes each home to the client’s taste and the existing architecture. Jill strives to incorporate circularity and authenticity in all her work, reusing building elements and sourcing local and sustainably-made materials whenever possible. The firm donates 1% of each project's revenue to environmentally and socially responsible organizations.  


Jill works closely with each client, getting to know them in order to understand the ways they live or work. Jill tailors the design process to fit her clients’ time and appetite; this ranges from a highly-collaborative experience in which the client participates deeply to a more time-efficient approach that still delivers highly-personalized results. Jill is involved in every detail of her projects, from conceptual design through construction and move-in, ensuring that the project is executed to the highest standard. 


Before founding her firm, Jill was a partner and project lead at DHD Architecture and Interior Design for 17 years, where she focused on residential renovations and creative commercial spaces. Jill also spent 3 years with Walker Group working on retail environments. Highly organized, Jill has extensive experience managing complex projects and shepherding them through New York City’s Department of Buildings. She can also draw on her wide network of consultants to build a team of skilled artisans, contractors, and other professionals for your project.


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